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Do What You Love ›› Joanna

Written by Paige on 04 July 2012.

Do What You Love.

It's a core belief Michael and I try to live by.

So. It only makes sense that we're drawn to those who share this idea.

Enter, this series.

It's a personal project for us. Finding others who are KILLIN' it, living life, doing what they love. And then photographing them.

Today, I bring you Joanna.

She works full time at IKEA as a Visual Merchandiser (isn't that awesome?!), but in her spare time you can find her in her basement studio...where she screen prints. Yep. Another awesome form of art I got to learn about whilst getting to know her. One of the reasons why Joanna is perfect for this series is that she screen prints for pure enjoyment. She doesn't have a shop. She doesn't sell it. She does it because she loves it.

Although...she totally could have an online shop, and she might consider it in the future, so I'll be sure to update you when that happens.

The process is very detailed and includes terminology that I can't remember, so I'll spare you the read, and share some photos instead. In these images, she's working on a wrapping paper design. Enjoy!

P.S. If you missed the first installment of Do What You Love, you can view the post here. Thanks for looking!

P.P.S. Happy 4th of July! A fitting post for a day of celebration. I hope everyone gets outside today and does something awesome :-)


0 #1 Natasha 2012-07-23 00:39
Awesome photos. Is this series a take on Pacing The Panic Room's "Do what you love"?


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